DC Motor-Drive Package

New SCR Drives--Factory Direct Shipments!

Three Phase, Full-Wave (6 SCR) Speed Controls for DC Motors. 5HP - 1000HP; 240 Volt - 600 Volt; 50/60 Hz;
NEMA 12 Vented Cabinet


  • 6 SCR Unidirectional Drives
  • 12 SCR Regenerative Drives
  • Both Analog and Digital


  • SAFE! Isolated Current Feedback Impedance Isolated Armature Voltage Feedback
  • Economical... Easy to Install and Service
  • Reduce Spares Inventory… A650 Control Card is Standard from 5 HP through 2000 HP
  • Reliable… Largest SCR's per HP in the industry
  • 6 Pulse Output Reduces DC Ripple Current. Minimizes Supply Line Harmonics… Motors Run Cooler, Last Longer

We can custom build solid-state motor control systems to match your specific applications. Our vast inventory of rebuilt DC Motors gives you a choice of frame numbers to choose from with fantastic savings! We can also quote competitive New motors for complete drives, both New and Rebuilt!

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